Stories that Move Us.
Adventures that Unite Us.

What is Outdoors Unscripted?

We are a festival dedicated to Midwestern outdoor adventure in all shapes and forms. From the beautifully ordinary moments in your backyard to once-in-a-lifetime thrills, we believe that outdoor adventure should be accessible and reflective of our own unique landscapes and perspectives. Our festival in Lawrence, KS is a space for environmentally-conscious  storytelling, visual arts, theatre, dance, live music, dining, and so much more–all informed by connection with regional knowledge and local ecosystems.  

Launch Party

Join us on September 7th, 2024 for our Outdoors Unscripted kick-off event. The event will feature a storytelling performance by the adventurer-artist teams who are funded by our Showcasing Open Spaces through Accessible Adventure (SOSAA) grant competition. 

The three-day-long Outdoors Unscripted Festival will happen in September 2025. The festival will feature immersive outdoor activities, art and storytelling events, live performers, and an outdoor concert. Stay tuned for more information about the festival.