When will Outdoors Unscripted occur?

Mark your calendars! Our launch event is Saturday, September 7th, 2024, and our three-day festival will be held in Lawrence, KS in September 2025.

What steps are you taking to ensure the festival is environmentally friendly?

Outdoors Unscripted is committed to creating a sustainable and carbon-neutral festival. We are working with students from the Environmental Studies program at the University of Kansas to research how best to offset our carbon footprint. We will also reduce paper waste by creating a digital festival program, purchase biodegradable paperware for festival dining and beverages, and continuously seek new ways to create an event that preserves our Douglas County landscape.

Can I still submit a story?

Yes! We are continuing to be a digital home for Midwestern adventure stories thanks to our partnership with the Hall Center for the Humanities’ Stories for All Project at the University of Kansas and the Mellon Foundation. From short essays and monologues to  photography and documentaries, we want to see it! Hop on over to our “Stories” archive to  get a little inspired and then submit through the digital portal.

How is Outdoors Unscripted connected to the 38 North Festival?

The 38 North Adventure Festival is how we got our start! Thanks to Jonathan Groene and a team of story-loving Midwestern adventurers, the 38 North Festival celebrated Kansas adventure through camaraderie and multidisciplinary storytelling one night each year. Outdoors Unscripted picks up where 38 North left off, focusing on accessible Midwest adventure over three-days of art, performance, and story!

How can I get involved? 

Email [email protected] if you’d like information about how to volunteer or get involved with festival planning.

How can I donate to the festival?

You can donate here, and email [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a festival sponsor.